Invite and Explain

Getting Started In Patient Priorities Aligned Decision-Making

Invite and Explain patient priorities


“Knowing what is most important to you helps our medical team to recommend the best care and treatments for you. We would like to start by helping you identify what is most important to you about your health, what you think is working well about your health care, and what you find difficult or unhelpful. Then we can use this information as we need to make decisions about your care. Any questions?”


Mrs. B replies: “This sounds really helpful. I don’t have any questions at this time.”

  • For clinicians with access to a team member who can elicit health priorities: “I would like you to meet with (XX) who will help you to identify what is most important and what matters most to you. Here is a brief description of what will happen and why it can help you get the best care possible. Any questions?” Click here for more information
  • For patients who are able to complete the web-based version of self-directed health priorities identification: “I would like you to go to the website that guides you in identifying what matters most to you. It takes you step by step in completing your health priorities. You can put it on your patient portal for me to see or bring a copy when you come next time.”

Concluding Script

For all patients: At your next visit we will get started making sure your healthcare best meets your health priorities. Any questions?”

  • Invitation and identification can be completed in a separate visit (e.g. Medicare Annual Wellness visit) or during one or more visits during which other issues are addressed.
  • The patient priorities identification process can be done by the primary clinician or any trained health professional (See patient health priorities identification training).
  • When other members of the team carry out any of these steps, the key clinician should acknowledge and reinforce the information with the patient and caregivers.

Click Here to see the “Health Priorities Template”