Boring But Necessary Definitions Used In This Guidance

Health priorities: The health outcome goals that the patient most desires and that are achievable with the healthcare activities that the patient is willing and able to receive (i.e. their healthcare preferences)

Health outcome goals: The outcomes that the patient most desires from their healthcare. The more specific, measurable, actionable, achievable, realistic, and reliable the health outcome goals, the better they can inform decision-making

Healthcare preferences: The healthcare activities (e.g. medications, self-management tasks, healthcare visits, testing, and procedures) that the patient is willing and able (or not) to do or receive

Health priorities template: the summary of patient’s values, health outcome goals, the care they think is helpful and burdensome, and The One Thing they want to focus on

Health trajectory: How a patient’s health and functioning will likely change in the future

The One Thing: The one thing that the patient most wants you to focus on; helps focus decision-making in the face of many conditions, tradeoffs, and treatment options

This includes:

      1. Symptom or problem patient most want to focus on 
      2. Activity patient most wants to be able to do that symptom impedes
      3. Health problems or treatments patient thinks may be contributing to the symptom