Introduction to Patient Priorities Care (PPC) Decisional Guidance

Because aligning decisions and care with patients’ health priorities is not always straightforward, the purpose of this decisional guidance is to:

  1. Describe a parsimonious set of steps and strategies, consisting of tips and scripts, that address common clinical scenarios likely to be encountered in aligning care with patients’ health priorities (their health outcome goals and care preferences)
  2. Describe how to address some key challenges in PPC aligned decision-making

We first provide guidance about how to invite patients to participate in PPC with sample scripts for the initial and subsequent follow up visits. We have worked with experts in the care of older adults with multiple chronic conditions to identify key strategies in applying PPC. For each these strategies we have a series of tips to apply when making clinical decisions and sample scripts to guide your conversations with patients and caregivers. We will introduce you to “Mrs. B”, who will provide examples throughout the guidance.


This resource was developed by Jennifer Ouellet, Claire Davenport, Mary Tinetti, Lilian Dindo, Eliza Kiwak & Jessica Esterson. We thank the many other contributors who have added valuable input.